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January 7, 2017



The Artist, The Video, The CD.... It is all the creative reflections and expressions of one man, Felix Moten a.k.a. No Flesh.  If one were to describe No Flesh, in terms of food, he would be a blooming onion.  It is one of the specialties of a restaurant I won't name.  However, a blooming onion is a simplistic dish, with a strong robust flavor, and a captivating aroma, served through various textures, which provides a most enjoyable experience.  In a word, he's DOPE!.     

No Flesh is an artist with the ability to take an audience back in time while infusing their spirit with The Word in a way that is completely new.  His Headnodism is sure to be a classic much like many of the Hip Hop influencers he continually pays homage to through an undeniable vibe of blessed heat.  There isn't one track off this CD that I can see earning less than 5 out of 5 stars, however for the sake of time I'll only highlight a few.  "Sinner", is the one that speaks to the contradictory, schizophrenic, personality of the church.  That invites the broken, only to shun them once they get there.  "Christ Is The Illest", highlights the single thread of the reality of Christ throughout the entire bible, from Creation to Redemption.  The last one I will speak on in this blog has to be "Walk In The Light".  This track is also the featured video which quietly screams, Real Hip Hop!     




Headnodism is one of the most appropriately named music projects I've ever had the pleasure of encountering.  I have, and will continue to state if your head doesn't nod to this you might want to get checked, cause your neck could be broke. "Headnodism", a priceless investment, worth every bit cent....    


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