Philly Kid's Fashion Week

June 30, 2017

What an exciting time in Philly especially if you're a kid.  The 4th of July week long celebrations sponsored by WAWA is happening, the anticipation of the nightly firework display is in the air, and if you're a child model or the parent of one, the biggest event of the year has launched!  That's right, Philly Kid's Fashion Week launched on Tuesday night and this event brought out the whose who in the Philly Kid's Community.  


The "White Gala Runway Show" pulled no punches, it had everything from twin power, to the dark hair beauty,



to this God fearing princess, in what was clearly the show stopper.  Please don't underestimate the sincerity of her heart and her love for The Lord because of her age, I have gotten it on good authority that this little lady's dedication, is just as real and as beautiful as the exquisite creation she was chosen to wear.


With all the splendor that every child brought to the White Gala, I must confess the heart steeler and joy bringer, belonged to one pretty special little person by the name of Christian.  


This young male model made sure he stole the show!  All eyes, and all cheers, and tears of joy belonged to him.  While every adult there celebrated and loved on their child and the child they were there to see, you can tell by this picture the joy Christian had was infectious and the contagion spread like wild fire.  I know that the Kids Fashion week will continue in our city and end with a two day run in New York, however, in my humble and biased opinion Tuesday, June 28, 2017, the opening night, is  and was the absolute best.  There are many wonderful reasons to attend Philly Kids Fashion Week next year since it's an annual event but if you decide to do so for no other reason than a chance to see Christian at work and meet his loving family it would be well worth it.  The red carpet was great too.....







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