Christmas Greetings

December 21, 2017

I'm so grateful to make it to the close of another year... Each day is a blessing and should not be taken for granted. While there are lots of us who are joyous, excited, and pleasantly distracted, with all of the parties, shopping, gift giving and receiving, social, school, and church events, there are other members of society who are existing in what seems to be an endless cycle of sadness, depression, and despair. There are those who have had to say, or are currently saying goodbye to someone they love and care about. There are also those who are remembering someone who used to be here, yet will never be again. 

To them, we owe empathy and understanding. We owe them compassion because they are fellow human beings who are currently suffering. We also need to humbly take note since one day it could and more often then not will be us in the same predicament. The more loving care, honor, and respect we show to others, the more seeds we plant toward a harvest of a better society at large, not just at Christmas time, but all throughout the year. 



God Bless You All and it is my prayer that you have a very Merry Christmas, and a safe and Happy New Year!

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