Who Was Tymir Spuel?

June 23, 2018

 Who was Tymir Spruel or MirGlizzy as some called him? 

 He was the mild mannered, pleasant, comical, seventeen year old student athlete, who's transition from this side of heaven for many of us, went from a bad dream to a tragic reality with a candle light vigil and balloon release ceremony held on Tuesday June 19, 2018.  You see, until then, we could hold out hope that none of this was real.  Yes, we were at the hospital praying for a miraculous recovery, and yes, we got the news that in the wee hours of Monday morning Tymir gave his final goodnight, but somewhere deep within, most of us wanted it to all be a dream.  However, to our dismay that would not be the case.


The outpouring of love displayed through the tears in many eyes, the sadness on many faces, and the weight of despair felt through the multitude of voices that could barely speak above a whisper, testified to the somber reality that those who loved him would no longer have the privilege of hearing his voice, or see him walk into a room and flash that big smile. 


While the knowledge of this could overcome many with grief, the fact that this young man was so full of life and peace, actually provides the necessary strength to continue living.  His very existence be it brief in the context of time was packed so full of hope, and laughter, and possibility, that anyone who gives up now, would be doing the gift that he was a disservice. 


He provided much needed comic relief to the often long and exhausting days spent at Samuel Fels High School.  He was the constant teammate.  A forever athlete if you will, on and off the court, which made for a friendship that transcended into brotherhood, almost in an instant with his boy Chris.


 They're presence together as lead members on the basketball team made for an exciting season, and an all around fun school year.  They inspired and encouraged each other and planned to play together again in college.  While Chris now has to continue their hoop dreams without the physical presence of his boy Mir, the camaraderie that these two shared is to be both admired and emulated.



I only had the pleasure of knowing Tymir through the lens of his school life that intersected with that of Christion's and my daughter Amina's, however as I watched the love that was shared between the many who showed up at his hospital room and on Tuesday night, there is no doubt that in each area of his life he left a piece of him to love and cherish.  


While those of us connected to him through Samuel Fels High School, only knew him for a short period of time his life had a tremendous impact on us all. 


My deepest sympathy goes out to his family, who shared a most special gift with the world in the presence of their son, brother, cousin, nephew, and grandson, Tymir Spruel..... 





Goodnight Tymir, rest well..... 





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