Hollywood Comes To Philly

July 27, 2018


That's right it happened last night and I was there.  The co-creator and stars of Snowfall, descended on our city.  Writer/Director/Executive Producer/Co-Creator John Singleton, along with cast members Damson Idris (Franklin Saint), Angela Lewis (Aunt Louie), and Carter Hudson (Teddy McDonald), all decided to come to Philly for the screening of the season premier of FX's Snowfall, participate in a question and answer session immediately following the show, and complete the night in typical Hollywood fashion by having a red carpet picture taking and on camera interview session.  



They treated us to some pleasant surprises like Damson being British and John Singleton  and Carter being regular folk.  We also were able to experience the up close beauty and poise of Angela Lewis which is in slight contrast to her character on Snowfall, but are the dueling dynamics found in real life everyday Philly Girls.  


We had a grand time being able to meet the characters of SnowFall, a hip, intelligent, ruthless, and exuberant show.  Now some may be asking why is a Christian Media Personality talking about a show that focuses on the beginning of the cocaine/crack era on the west coast?  One, because I watch the show who's quality of production is phenomenal.  This is a period peace and from the Members Only jackets to the high top Chucks, to the cars, you name it, the time and research was put in for that authentic 80's feel.  


There's also the fact that a lot of our churches are filled with recovered addicts who fell victim to the crack era.  Being able to see how we went from being a community filled with Black Pride to one who's back got bent from the shame associated with the drug culture, is sadly educational.  


Lastly, there is a scene in the show where the ice cream truck pulls up and gives all the kids on the block free ice cream, because they don't have money to buy any and the truck is owned by the drug dealers.  This introduces you to the multiple dimensions of the drug dealer.  So many of us have become rigid in our thinking that we see things as black or white and usually they are never that way.  More times then not there are shades of grey.  There are drug dealers with hearts, just like there are victims who are guilty, but that would be a discussion for another day. 


Last night was about the talented and gifted stars and creator of SnowFall, who were in Philly, and for a moment in time at a theater in South Philly we got a taste of Hollywood's finest and we liked it.  


FX, hope y'all come back soon....





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